Living The Island Life

Living The Island Life

Staying in Bali the past couple months has definitely been a very different and life-changing experience, in general. But it feels like I say that about every new place I move to and stay there for a while. Which is cool, because I’m all about new experiences and learning every day. But I can’t help myself wondering… when is all of this going to end? Will I ever really settle down and actually stay in one place for more than a year? Who the hell knows. Not me.

After Ubud, I moved down south to Canggu and fell in love with the place instantly.

I mean what’s there not to love, right? Small surfer/hip town with a great party life, amazing food, and a big western local community. To be honest, I think I love it so much just because it reminds me of Whistler! Tight, small expat community, giving a huge support to each other, lots of athletes and filmmakers, and generally people who are there for the good times! Maybe like a mix of Whistler and Tofino (for those who are familiar with Canadian west coast) – except warmer!

It was not hard for me, to connect with some local brands and athletes, around Canggu. Word travels fast in smaller places and soon enough I knew that this is where I wanted to stay. I even got an apartment, I bought myself a board and whenever the time comes, for me to leave – I know it is gonna be extremely hard. But, for now I’m enjoying every single moment, not thinking much about the future.

As for my typical day, this is what the tropical island living looks like /

I’d get up every single morning at 5 am, do my yoga routine and if I really feel motivated some meditation as well. But my goal is to be in the water before 6 ‘o’ clock, for the sunrise surf anyways. After that, the classic breakfast with my friend at Canteen. (must go if in Canggu) and then work! Can’t do anything without a little work, right? Photoshoots, editing, filming, editing, been working for this company called Beemiles lately as well – so it’s a mix of everything. After lunch, (usually fish tacos or a Budha Bowl at Deus!) another surf session, lasts until the sunset – if the waves are good of course…. A big fat coconut after and then we get ready to go out! Get some dinner and later hit the bar! The party life here is amazing. So much going on, every single day, bars are fun and people are so relaxed. I haven’t really seen anyone going blackout drunk or doing drugs. Is way more chill than that!

So, there it is. A bit of my life, from this beautiful island. A mix of coconuts, good waves, and fish tacos.



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