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Flora is a unique girl. An uprising surfer and the first competitive longboarder in Indonesia. In early 2017, she started her Asian tour and it all went up from there. It was a real pleasure getting to know her and shoot with her.

Deus Ex Machina (or in other words – the sudden change of events) is a surfboard / custom bike brand, from Australia – based in Bali. They always hosted events and friendly contests.













These short films are the collection of my favorite moments as well as the best reflection of me, on screen. Travel, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding, tropical lifestyle – all of that in one place. Besides the fact that I love getting together with athletes and creating something that inspires other to push the limits – I also love to show everyone that going after what you love and making a living out of it – is possible.

Making videos became my passion a couple years ago when I discovered how much fun these motion pictures bring me. How much creativity it actually leaves me with, to make something completely different and unique!

I’m always very happy to accept collaborations and brainstorming with other creators. Don’t be afraid to message me! Let’s make some videos together!

If you like any of my videos let me know! Make sure to tell me that and share them with your friends and family for more travel inspiration!

Interested in our work? Contact STOKD FILMS for any bookings/rates and hire. A new, aspiring production, based in BC, Canada, but available worldwide.

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